Why Agile methodology works for service based companies

What is Agile

According to wikipedia , agile methodology is based on a set of iterative and incremental development structure. In this method the whole project is broken down into small packets or iterations. Tasks are completed in phases instead of working on the entire project at once. At the completion of each phase, the product is reviewed with the client. It includes quality and functional testing to ensure process is on the right track.

“Agile methodology is the ability to manage uncertain environments. Agile involves participation from both the development team and the client”

  • Agile is customer centric.
  • Customer is involved in the process and each iteration is discussed upon with making sure the requirements are met. This is to avoid any miscommunication in understanding the requirements and adding any missed out workflows in each stage.
  • Delivering the micro constituents of the product is an indicator of the measure of progress to the client. It is a disciplined method of conducting business.
  • Requirements keep on changing and enhancement ideas will arise only on physically having the product. Customers get clear picture about the product and can suggest changes if required.

Ultimately, Agile is very flexible and changes can be done immediately without much need of rework.

Focus points and advantages

Proper communication channel is established between the client and the development team. Clients get to know the exact delivery time of the final product. It is very cost effective as it reduce errors which in turn reduces rework, saves time and improves the productivity of the developers. Projects are completed as per schedule and deadlines are met accordingly. Wastes or rework are reduced saving hours of productive time for the company. It accelerates the delivery process and improves profit for the business.

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Agile implementation

Implementing Agile methodology is a challenging task and it takes time to adapt to the system. Challenges may be in the form of resistance from the employees or agile may not be suited for the nature of business. Agile is suited best for service based Industries and companies, particularly software development companies.

“Agile implementation requires perseverance and patience“

Software companies can adapt to Agile, since they have to develop robust software products for clients which takes months or years together to complete. Switching to Agile helps them share the progress of the project with the client in phases for approval. For moving to Agile, choose a project which is less complicated and requirements are not clear and having changeable scope. Process should be monitored and improvements are made. It gives an idea about which works and which doesn’t work for the company.

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Build a team of self motivated and enthusiastic members who can easily adapt to changes and new methods. They should pull the project ahead and arrive at solutions when problems arise. Agile is not a development process. It is a management process. Employee contribution and involvement from all the departments or teams is very vital for implementing Agile successfully.


Service based companies can improve quality and deliverability through Agile. For more details about Agile methodology, do contact us