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Mobile Application Development

The rise of android and ios phones has made mobile applications a common term among the general public. Compared to traditional desktop and web applications, mobile apps take out the “wait” factor, enabling access on the go.

For businesses to retain existing customers and to reach out to new potentials, mobile application has become a necessity. User interactive and high performance applications helps companies  / brands differentiate themselves. Many industries are now adapting to mobile applications for internal processes like task management, project management, time tracking, etc. Adapting to latest technologies helps cut down costs and increases productivity.

Evoluer’s role in mobile application development can be broadly classified into these 4 categories


    Best in class native mobile applications developed with java

  • IOS

    Objective c and swift are used to create mobile apps with rich user interfaces


    Mobile applications developed with a middle layer, usually javascript


    A mix of native and mobile – using react or ionic

evoluer, best popular company in coimbatore for php, software, web and cross/multi platform mobile application development about us

Mobile Application Development Use case

A brief description of the problem faced by one of our clients – “Unable to keep track of service enquiries and the work done by service engineers”. With our team of application level architects, mobile UI developers and application developers, our solution matched the client requirements and eased their pain points.

We developed a service based CRM with android application integration. The mobile app keeps track of important KPI factors like location, time spent on each service call, etc. With this data our application helped in effective deployment of service engineers, in turn reducing the costs.



Located in Coimbatore, India, Evoluer maintains high standards of mobile application development. We take utmost care to all the minute factors making our apps quick and reliable. We follow strict quality policies to prepare documentation and mock up screens prior to proceeding to the actual application development process.This reduces errors and rework. To know more about our workflow and the system we follow, click here to know our process

Being a small scale company, we are able to experiment with latest mobile technologies like react and ionic and adapt them quickly. Our team of app developers have hands on experience in native and hybrid mobile application technologies. To know more about our cross platform mobile application services, click here

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evoluer, best popular company in coimbatore for php, software, web and cross/multi platform mobile application development about us


evoluer, best popular company in coimbatore for php, software, web and cross/multi platform mobile application development call to action

Looking to develop a mobile application. Talk to us and we will make your awesome idea into an app


Mobile application features


Our mobile apps are designed keeping in mind simple and neat user interfaces and optimal performing backend services and processes. We make sure to add analytics to the application to study user behavior and improve future versions. Using the different modules available in android and ios, we can create mobile applications providing a wide range of solutions. Our development offerings include, but are not limited to the below

  • Minimum number of clicks

    Simple and strategic mobile application design for easy navigation and maximum of 3 clicks for any workflow

  • Offline connectivity

    Save data locally in the mobile app during connectivity issues and later upload to server

  • Push notifications

    Keep the user engaged with our mobile application.

  • Hardware interface

    Utlise camera, proximity, accelerometer available in mobile to the fullest


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