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Making php web applications faster by storing db values in cache

Posted on 06-11-2017

Causes for delay in server load time As the size of data grows, the application starts getting slower. There are numerous reasons for this. Today we are going to see how caching helps to improves web application performance. Caching is a temporary storage of data. Information which has been recently accessed is stored in cache. …

Why Agile methodology works for service based companies

Posted on 04-11-2017

What is Agile According to wikipedia , agile methodology is based on a set of iterative and incremental development structure. In this method the whole project is broken down into small packets or iterations. Tasks are completed in phases instead of working on the entire project at once. At the completion of each phase, the product …

Advanced tips for faster page loading

Posted on 31-10-2017

Page load time significantly impacts user experience and site’s ability to convert visitors into buyers. Users who experience bitter page experience tend to bounce back and they will never visit the site again. No matter how rich your content is or how well the website looks, the speed of page loading is a major deciding …

Website design standards to make your page appealing

Posted on 24-10-2017

Anyone who knows html can create a website, but implementing the following design standards will make it more appealing. In this blog, we are not going to see about placement of call-to-action or making the page responsive, but on the aesthetic aspect, which makes it more visually appealing to the visitor. Color Colors make a …

Software Companies in Coimbatore as a Technology Partner for Startups

Posted on 29-08-2017

Indian startup scenario Indian startup ecosystem is constantly evolving and is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, behind the United States of America and UK. The reason for this startup boom is a young and educated population, strong government support, a large consumer base which is Internet-connected and also availability of funds from …

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